Why Do Sharks Attack Humans

Firstly you need to understand sharks don’t target humans but are opportunist hunters.

Sharks have keen senses allowing them to detect appetizing odors, vibrations and electronic pulses over vast distances. Using these senses sharks are drawn to sick, injured or old animals as they present an easier target.

The problem is that humans are not stream lined like healthy fish. We don’t belong in the water. Even human super fish like Ian Thorpe thrash around resembling an injured fish Humans splashing around draws the shark’s attention and in many cases sample bite.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself

There are 5 important steps you can take to dramatically reduce your risk of finding yourself locked in the jaws of a hungry shark

Look before you leap. Swimming into a school of baitfish is a recipe for disaster. Before entering the water. Ask yourself. Can I see schools of fish breaking the surface? Are there birds striking at the water, a sure sign of feeding activity. If you see schooling fish you can bet the sharks wont be far away.

Don’t swim away from the crowd. It is a fact sharks will target prey that has become isolated from the pack. The more isolated you are the greater the risk

The Old Dawn and Dusk Warning. Sharks tend to hunt early in the morning or later in the afternoon. They have similar eyesight to humans with one notable difference they have a crystal reflective layer in the rear of the eye known as the tapetum lucidum. This adaptation allows sharks to see clearly in low light giving them a distinct advantage over their pray.

Don’t Swim Near Shark Nets. Shark nets often contain dyeing or decomposing animals in them. As I diver I have seen first hand sharks swimming around nets trying to get to a free meal.

Don’t Swim Near Whales. Whales are harmless beautiful creatures especially if they have young carves with then. The problem is sharks also love whales and can follow pods for hundreds of miles just waiting for a chance to isolate a young calf or snack on an elderly whale that just couldn’t survive the long journey.