Over the past 15 years Surfwatch has worked to develop practical cost effective programs designed to reduce your risk of shark attack, without the need to slaughter marine life, as is the case with the current shark-netting program.

Shark nets do not work.

Shark nets do not provide a physical barrier between sharks and swimmers, they only cover a fraction of the beach and are systematically moved from beach to beach so there is no guarantee there are even nets in place when you enter the water.

Shark nets are simply designed to indiscriminately capture, suffocate and kill anything that wonders into there path.

Since there introduction Shark nets have been responsible for the slow barbaric deaths of thousands of marine creatures like dolphins, whales, dugongs, turtles, seals and the critically endangered Gray Nurse Sharks. Not to mention countless harmless sharks and fish like the docile groper. Shark nets are simply gill nets designed to trap and suffocate their victims.

However, understanding why sharks attack and developing systems to minimize the risk of encountering feeding sharks will significantly increase swimmer safety.

The simple facts are that sharks don’t target humans. Attacks occur when a swimmer gets caught between a feeding shark and the whales or baitfish it targets for food.

So how can we minimize the risk?

We know it’s almost impossible to see sharks from the beach and aerial surveillance will miss many of the sharks entering swimming areas

Even swimmers in the water wont see the shark in time to prevent an attack.

The most effective way of protecting swimmers comes down to our ability to identify where feeding sharks are likely to interact with swimmers.

Surfwatch Australia has developed an early warning shark risk program deliverable via the web or your smart phone. The service and App will be available free to every Australia.

The program works by tracking the shark’s food source and relaying this information to you in real time, letting you know when and where sharks are likely to pose a threat throughout the day. Now you can protect yourself even in the most remote beaches and swimming location. Australia wide

With your help we can end the mindless slaughter of our marine life and dramatically improve swimmer safety for every Australian.

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